You guys ar going to love this toon. It's total absurdity from my mind where I really let loose on the art styles.
The story goes like this, Farquar here is or was a government geek scientist who dreamed of getting away from it all by going into the future. Then one day a strange scientist walks into the lab claiming to have invented a time machine. Farquar helps build the device and it is top classified so his dreams of escaping into what he thinks is the idyllic future with elysian fields, flying cars, and talking pets, are too much for him to lose. Thus, ignoring the scientist's warning hurls himself into the time machine and into the far flung future. The gravitational and bio energy forces take their toll on him by ripping his flesh, skin, and vital organs from his skeletal frame and leaving him but a mockery, a living skeleton bereft of the senses of the flesh but still having the passions for them.
IHis only chance is to track down his living flesh and recombinate himself, but alas his flesh has taken on a new persona of it's own teaching the once kind and clean people of the future the grossness of the avarices of fleshly greed. He joins the police force where he gets a job as an undercover detective specializing in looking like a corpse and tries to infiltrate his flesh's super stronghold to bring things to a one on one battle that will shake the cosmos.